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More Happy Faces from Your Favorite Restaurant

Al (PopPop), Emily, and DeeCathy and Gary

Three Generations at table: Al (aka: PopPop), Emily and Dee across from Kathy and Gary


Jeff Julie Emma and JordanNicky, Megan and Joe
Jeff, Julie, with Emma and Jordan across form Nicky, Megan and Joe



Paul and Gabrielle     Loraine Madison and Victoria
Dad Paul and Gabrielle have the pizza and Mom Loraine has Madison and Victoria


Katharine and Monty
Katharine and Marty are done with the appetizer and ready for the main course


Brian Becky
Brian is serving the salad, Becky is waiting

Ashley and her Dad, Dan
Ashley is out to dinner with Dad, Dan

Gerry, Haywood, Betty and Thelma
This is Gerry, Haywood, Betty and Thelma
Now in the picture above I caught Thelma with her mouth in a frown, this is more like her!


This is Sher, Mom
This is Mia, her daughter
This is Gregg, Dad
and Cael, their son



Malee and Glenn
This is Dad - Glenn and Malee
This is Mom - Melanie and Nena
Nena and Malee
Nena and Malee smiale for the camera
and Malee finishes her dinner


Benjamin and Ruthie  
At our last table we find Benjamin and his Mom Ruthie

Elizabeth and her Dad Jeff
and then Elizabeth and her Dad Jeff


This is Steve
Steve built and is the spirit behind LaForesta


The Best Restaurant in Town
The Best Restaurant in Town

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